Essays on the Myth of Mental Illness

Essays on the Myth of Mental Illness


A Time for Humor - Lloyd Ross, Ph.D.


My Ramblings About Psychiatric Drugs - Lloyd Ross, Ph.D.


NPR Perpetuates the Myth - David Walker, Ph.D.


Why the Myth of Mental Illness Lives On (Part 2) - The Inadequacy of Rule of Law - Wayne Ramsay, J.D.


Where Did the Term "Schizophrenia" Come From? - Ty Colbert, Ph.D.


Is There Such a Thing as a Normal Woman? Part 2: Mother-blame and Psychological Theory and Research - Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D.


Behavioral Neuroscience: The Path Forward - Steve Spiegel


Is There Such a Thing as a Normal Woman? Part 1: Sexism in Psychiatric Diagnosis - Paula Caplan, Ph.D.


Turning a Child's Intensity into Their Greatness - Howard Glasser


Heading Off Complaints of "Anti-psychiatry Bias" - Niall McClaren, MBBS


From His Friends and Colleagues: In Memory of Bertram (Bert) P. Karon, Ph.D.


Why the Myth of Mental Illness Lives On (Part 1) - Wayne Ramsay, J.D.


Turning Negative Emotions into Positives - Al Galves, Ph.D.


The Dewey-Bull Theory of Emotions - Thomas Scheff, Professor Emeritus


The Zombie Theory: Thorazine to the Rescue (Part 3) - Randy Cima, Ph.D.


A License to Kill - Gail Tasch, M.D.


Schizophrenia: A Nonexistent Disease - Wayne Ramsay, J.D.


The Myth of Biological Depression - Wayne Ramsay, J.D.


Saving Psychotherapy - Eric Maisel, Ph.D.


Why I've (Almost) Given Up - Phillip Sinaikin, M.D.


The Value of Depression - Al Galves, Ph.D.


Does Mental Illness Exist? - Wayne Ramsay, J.D.


The Zombie Theory: The Era of Medical Experimentalism (Part 2) - Randy Cima, Ph.D.


Historical and Cultural Forces Behind the Bio-Psychiatric Juggernaut - Al Galves, Ph.D.


The Zombie Theory: Why Modern Day Psychiatry Should Be Ridiculed and Discarded (Part 1) - Randy Cima, Ph.D.


Students Claiming Mental Disabilities Should Not Be Granted Extra Time On Exams - Bruce Pardy, Professor of Law


The Problem With Believing That Mental Illnesses Are Physiological Disorders - Al Galves, Ph.D.


Mind Doctors?  - Chuck Ruby, Ph.D.


White Paper: Brain Scan Research - Noel Hunter, Psy.D. & William Schultz, M.A., Doctoral Student.


White Paper: Efficacy of Psychiatric Drugs - Jacqueline Sparks, Ph.D.


White Paper: Psychiatric Drugs and Violence - Chuck Ruby, Ph.D.


What is Mental Illness? - Al Galves, Ph.D.


Four False Pillars of Biopsychiatry - Ty Colbert, Ph.D.


History of Biopsychiatry Treatments - Ty Colbert, Ph.D.


The “Mental Illness” Paradigm: Itself An “Illness” That Is Out Of Control - Paris Williams, Ph.D.


All Symptoms Are Meaningful - Al Galves, Ph.D.


Lies That My Medical School Professors Taught Me - Gary G. Kohls, M.D.