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CAMPP (ISEPP's action committee) just released "Prescripticide", a new 12-minute video about how psychiatric drugs increase the risk of violence and suicide. Please view this video and share it as widely as possible so it goes viral!

From the Executive Director

Let's Keep ISEPP Scientific and Focused
Chuck Ruby, Ph.D., Psychologist
It is undeniable that officials within the CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma have engaged in corrupt practices and placed profit ahead of science. However, this doesn't mean everything they do is corrupt or unscientific. While skepticism is warranted - it is the hallmark of science - any claims of nefarious intent and action by them must be backed up by robust evidence. Leaping to conclusions based only on suspicion and cherrypicked evidence is conspiracy theory thinking. Lately, the situation has become even more dangerous. Over the past few years, the political landscape has flipped. Left is right, yes is no, and true is false. The long-standing and generally condoned rhetorical tactics of politicians have been eroded away by insidious rumors, lies, and scapegoating that are so often used by totalitarian leaders to instigate widespread distrust of "elites" and long-respected institutions of information and knowledge. Public trust in critical thinking and science seems to be fading, while suspicion and accusations are overtaking reason as the criteria for truth. The resulting authoritarian effect of this phenomenon will remain with us like a stubborn stench that lingers long after the offending substance is gone....

"Saving Psychiatry" - Dr. Joe's Blog

Baying at the Moon: ISEPP's Struggle with Psychiatry's Perfidy
Joe Tarantolo, M.D., Psychiatrist
See my letter below I sent to the ISEPP Board after our Philly conference in 2012 (edited for easier reading)
Reflections By the Chair, ISEPP Conference, Philly, 2012 To the Board of Directors: THE “GREAT” ORGANIZATION SYNDROME First, let me remind you, I am privileged to be your Chair. Also, you give me comfort when I fear I am isolated with this non-Bio model....