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The 2019 Annual Conference in Baltimore
Chuck Ruby, Ph.D., Psychologist
Our annual conference in Baltimore this past October was a success! We had a stellar lineup of speakers who addressed the conference theme: "Do No Harm? How the Ethics of Psychology and Psychiatry Have Become Unethical." Our intention was to make a strong statement about the harm that comes from the existing orthodox mental health system and the consideration of alternative humane forms of helping people in emotional distress. The conference kicked off with our traditional Friday evening reception. This has been a time for us to enjoy the annual opportunity to gather in person with our like-minded colleagues and show support to each other. During the reception, our newest ISEPP Board member, Dr. Gail Tasch...

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The “Sorry” State of American Health Practice
Joe Tarantolo, M.D., Psychiatrist
"Sorry, this medical practice does not take Medicare." "Sorry, I don't take Medicaid." "Sorry, I am not in your insurance network." "Sorry, your insurance does not cover this procedure." "Sorry, your insurance does not pay for this medication." How often do Americans hear these laments! The American medical "insurance" industry is fraught. I put “insurance” in quotation marks BECAUSE  AMERICAN INSURANCE IS NOT REALLY INSURANCE. Let me explain. If you own an automobile, you are required to have automobile insurance. This insurance does not pay for gas, oil, new brakes, and other usual maintenance. You pay out of pocket for these. And you shop around ( if you are the thrifty type) to get the best price for these products and services. Insurance pays up if you have an accident or if your auto is stolen or vandalized. The same applies with homeowner insurance. It does not pay for maintenance. It pays up for fire or floods or if the wind blows your roof off or if you are robbed or vandalized. What we have come to call medical “insurance” is actually a way to pay for any medical attention. It is an elaborate bill paying scheme....

ISEPP's 23rd Annual Conference
Los Angeles, CA
October  23-25, 2020

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Hear ISEPP's Executive Director respond to President Trump's ideas about mass shootings and the mentally ill.