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CAMPP (ISEPP's action committee) just released "Prescripticide", a new 12-minute video about how psychiatric drugs increase the risk of violence and suicide. Please view this video and share it as widely as possible so it goes viral!

From the Executive Director

Chuck Ruby, Ph.D., Psychologist
Earlier this month, Dainius Pūras, M.D., was interviewed by Awais Aftab, M.D., of the Psychiatric Times. Dr. Pūras was asked about his experiences as a United Nations Special Rapporteur from 2014 to 2020. In that role, he was charged with assessing the human rights aspects of mental health1 systems across the globe and reporting his findings to the United Nations Human Rights Council. A primary concern of Dr. Pūras' was his dissatisfaction with the traditional separation of physical health and mental health. He believes this separation causes stigma and discriminates against people who seek mental health services. He further thinks that combining them under the same rubric of health and medicine is the solution to achieving mental health parity, the end of stigma and discrimination, and the advancement of human rights for those seeking mental health services. ...

"Saving Psychiatry" - Dr. Joe's Blog

Baying at the Moon: ISEPP's Struggle with Psychiatry's Perfidy
Joe Tarantolo, M.D., Psychiatrist
See my letter below I sent to the ISEPP Board after our Philly conference in 2012 (edited for easier reading)
Reflections By the Chair, ISEPP Conference, Philly, 2012 To the Board of Directors: THE “GREAT” ORGANIZATION SYNDROME First, let me remind you, I am privileged to be your Chair. Also, you give me comfort when I fear I am isolated with this non-Bio model....