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Coronavirus, Fear, Anxiety, and Faith
Chuck Ruby, Ph.D., Psychologist
It began on New Year's Eve 2019. Chinese officials announced that doctors in Hubei province were treating more than two dozen patients who were suffering from viral pneumonia. Within days, more and more cases emerged across Asia, and on January 11th, a  61-year-old man in China would be the first to die from COVID-19. In the intervening weeks, a rising and widespread sense of fear has accompanied the virus' spread to over 200 countries and the number of people infected has exceeded a million. Of those infected, more than 60,000 have died....

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Hypochondriasis in the age of COVID-19
Joe Tarantolo, M.D., Psychiatrist
A cough, a sneeze, feel a chill, an uncomfortable response to pollen : "Oh dear, I got it, I’m going to die on a respirator. All alone, that damn virus got me." This all happens in a moment and passes just as quickly. But in that moment there is a basic truth which every psychotherapist explores. What is the nature of our experience and from whence does it come?
I was asked recently on the ISEPP Listserve (from which I usually keep my distance), "What do you do in psychotherapy that warrants payment from the patient? " A perfectly reasonable question, why did it irritate me so much?

ISEPP's 23rd Annual Conference
Los Angeles, CA
October  23-25, 2020

The Destructive Propaganda
of the Mental Health Industry:
How Did We Get Here?
Where Are We Going?

Since the dawn of civilization the human species has struggled with the "Different," the "Unusual," the "Eccentric," the "Mad," the "Crazy," the "Psychotic," sometimes kindly, often with great cruelty.

This conference will address the question “How did we allow biological psychiatry take a strangle hold of this struggle?” Presentations will explore how the so-called “medical model” has insinuated itself into virtually all aspects of our culture from the “medication of normal” to the brain model of all behavior. Our schools, our courts, our every day life has felt this impact.

New this year will be a community sharing session to offer the audience, lay and professional, to contribute to this important dialogue regarding how Big Pharma, Big Psychiatry, and the FDA influence our life and our thinking.


ISEPP Board of Directors member Dr. Pepe Santana recently interviewed. Hear his ideas about helping people outside the medical model!