ISEPP Listserv

ISEPP Listserv


One of the benefits of ISEPP membership is our Google Groups listserv. This is a forum in which you can join others of like mind to share and discuss important topics relevant to ISEPP’s mission.

All new ISEPP members receive an email invitation to join the listserv and must respond to the invitation in order to be added. Once you join the listserv, we ask that you post an introduction about yourself, giving us an idea about your life and perspectives. During the beginning weeks of each year, members who do not renew their ISEPP membership will be removed from the listserv. You can rejoin ISEPP and the listserv at any time by renewing your membership.

Listserv rules and etiquette:

1. Listserv posts must be concise and directly germane to ISEPP’s mission of critiquing psychology, psychiatry, counseling, social work, or any other “mental health” profession or system using the standards of scientific inquiry and critical reasoning.

2. We encourage the open, honest, and authentic communication of ideas.

3. Do not use the listserv for illegal purposes such as defamation of character, violation of intellectual property laws, or anti-trust laws.

4. Posts must be respectful and civil. Personal attacks, cursing, name-calling, threats, offensive remarks, and the like are not permitted.

5. Political or religious topics are off limits unless they are germane to our mission. For example, health care policy specifically related to mental health is fair game, even though it is political. Also, the effect of spirituality on personal well-being is within our mission.

6. Humor is encouraged. However, avoid humor that can be offensive. If you're not sure, it is best not to post it.

7. Listserv members are permitted to share petitions and other calls for action, as long as the matter is germane to our mission.

8. Announcements for books, conferences, continuing education, and other similar products that are relative to ISEPP are permitted.

9. In responding to a thread of posts, please stay on topic. If the conversation wanders into another topic area, please rename the Subject: line to identify that new topic.

10. When replying to a post and it is intended for the entire listserv, make sure to Reply All, but remove any addresses other than in the Cc: line. Merely responding Reply All without doing so can include extraneous email addresses and can result in participants receiving multiple copies of the post.

11. Do not include any non-ISEPP listserv emails in your posts.

12. Do not quote any listserv posts outside the listserv unless the author gives permission.

13. If your post does not apply to all listserv members, please change the To: line to reflect only those people who should get the post.

14. Limit the number of original posts you make per day. Monopolizing the Listserv discourages others from participating.

We realize there can be differing opinions when interpreting these rules. In cases where such differences occur, the Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors will make a final determination of the appropriateness of a particular post. Any listserv member who repeatedly fails to comply with these rules will be removed from the listserv.

If you are an ISEPP member and want to participate on the listserv, contact our Listserv Coordinator, Carolyn Kraker at