2017 Conference Handouts/Powerpoints

2017 Conference Handouts/Powerpoints


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Sera Davidow

Life in Context



Brandow Ph.D. & Cave B.S.

Wellness First: Understanding Wellness as a Social Justice Issue

Powerpoint                      Mind-Body Practices           Stress


Robert Spicer

Restorative Practices: Experiential Circle



Al Galves Ph.D.

Hypothesis: All “Symptoms” are Meaningful, Somehow Functional and Potentially Useful



Kelli Foulkrod M.S., LPA, RYT     

Return to wholeness:  SSRI Withdrawal

Powerpoint                         Handout


Sarah Edmonds Ph.D.  

Change:  The Vital Connection between Context and Transformation of Symptoms



Kling M.A, M.F.A

Borderline Personality and Stigmatizing Language

Powerpoint                        Handout


Phil Sinaikin M.D.

Why did Allen Frances MD, chief architect of DSM IV, write a book titled "saving normal"?



Karin Tochkov Ph.D.

Life-long implications for mentally ill patients who have been treated against their will

Powerpoint                           Handout