Winners of the 2023 ISEPP Awards!

Winners of the 2023 ISEPP Awards!


During our 25th annual conference October 28-29, 2023, ISEPP announced the winners of its three awards:

ISEPP Lifetime Achievement Award - for recognition of sustained and dedicated efforts made throughout one’s career in the struggle to overturn the medical model of human distress. Presented to David Edward Walker, PhD. Click the link below to read the citation.

Lifetime Achievement Award

ISEPP Special Achievement Award -  For recognition of specific projects and programs developed as alternatives to the orthodox mental health system. Presented to Rachel Flanigan, PhD. Click the link below to read the citation.

Special Achievement Award

Mary Karon Memorial Award for Humanitarian Concerns - Named in honor of Mary Karon, wife of the late Bert Karon, who had been a lifelong activist psychologist and member of ISEPP. Mary and Bert were in a serious car accident in 2007, leaving Bert in need of constant and daily care. Mary provided that care with the hope of giving Bert the ability to continue in his fight against medicalized psychiatry. Mary died a few years later, making Bert promise that he would continue his work. This award is given to those who show a similar dedication to supporting the ISEPP mission. Presented to Sue Parry. Click the link below to read the citation.

Mary Karon Memorial Award


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