Public Statements

Public Statements


From time to time, ISEPP publishes Public Statements on noteworthy items, typically on the national radar at the time. These statements usually call on action by various people in leadership positions.



Submission to the American Psychological Association Call for Comments: Proposed Language to Revise Standard 3.04 for the Ethics Code - April 3, 2016


ISEPP Letter to the Food and Drug Administration regarding the reclassification of ECT devices - March 28, 2016


Recent Allegations Against the American Psychological Association Collusion with the U.S. Government - November 1, 2014


The Role of Mental Illness in Violent Behavior - July 2, 2014


APA Ethics Office Decision to Dismiss Charges Against Dr. John Leso - March 1, 2014


Supporting the British Psychological Society’s Statement on Functional Psychiatric Diagnoses - May 16, 2013


ISEPP Congratulates Senator Murray and The Congress on Passage of the Mental Health ACCESS Act Of 2012 - January 8, 2013


The Connection Between Psychotropic Drugs and Mass Murder - January 2, 2013


August 31 Executive Order on Mental Health Services for Veterans - September 17, 2012


Opposing Prescription Authority for Psychologists - July 30, 2012


Mental Health ACCESS Act of 2012 - July 2, 2012


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) - May 11, 2012


Are The American Academy of Pediatrics New ADHD Guidelines Justified by the Evidence? - November 17, 2011