ISEPP Announces New Journal Editorial Staff

ISEPP Announces New Journal Editorial Staff

ISEPP has chosen two of the most qualified people of the critical psychology and psychiatry movement to join the editorial staff of Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry: An International Journal of Critical Inquiry (EHPP).

EHPP's new Editor-in-Chief is Don Marks, Psy.D., Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training at Kean University, NJ. He is a clinical health psychologist specializing in strategies for living with chronic pain and advanced illness. His work on psychological interventions for chronic pain has led to research regarding sport injury and athlete psychological well-being. He is also a marriage and family psychologist, working primarily with couples and families facing medical illness. Dr. Marks completed both the professional practicum and internship in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) at the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship and served as a clinical instructor in psycho-oncology and palliative medicine at The Ohio State University Medical Center. He has been a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) since 2005, and he has served as president of the organization's Greater New York chapter. Dr. Marks is the past Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology.

We are also excited to announce that Niall (Jock) McLaren, MBBS, FRANZCP, was selected as an Associate Editor of EHPP. He joins our current Associate Editor, Jim Tucker, Ph.D., in assisting Dr. Marks in continuing to make EHPP an important voice in the critical psychology and critical psychiatry field. Dr. McLaren is an Australian psychiatrist who recently retired after 50 years of practice. He is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at University of Queensland. He has published a number of monographs on the application of the philosophy of science to mental disorder, most recently with a fierce critique of the so-called "bio-psycho-social" model, showing how it is without substance. He lives in the rural outskirts of Brisbane with his family and keeps busy growing trees.


  • Love Jock McLaren and great to see him here too!

  • Thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words. EHPP has been a valuable resource for me for years, and the wonderful editorial guidance that Dr. Jackie Sparks provided will be difficult to match. It is exciting to be working with Niall and Jim on moving the journal forward, and I hope we can offer a vibrant mix of peer-reviewed research and relevant commentary that keeps the focus squarely on the ethical conduct of psychology and psychiatry. In doing so, it will be vital to support approaches that promote psychological well-being without sacrificing human beings to biological reductionism or pseudo-scientific exploitation. Please stay tuned and let us know what you think!

  • I came upon ISEPP while looking online for help dealing with a distressing series of encounters by a psychologist 4 years ago. Part of my approach to help myself has been to find similar stories, and read works by professionals to aid me in recovering perspective. How wonderful to have found you! Congratulations to Dr. Marks and Dr. Mclaren! Whenever you chug along in your new work I hope you remember how grateful lay readers are. The relief , understanding and beginning of compassion for myself ( and my transgressor) has everything to do with what you do. Yours, Laurie Ellis, Maine

  • I'm happy to hear that Niall McLaren is involved. It's a glimmer of hope for mental health in Australia and internationally. Thanks ISEPP from a social worker\art therapist in regional QLD.

  • Congratulations to you both! I first learned EHPP by way of my late Great teacher Bertram Karon whom introduced me to Peter Breggin’s work. I practice and supervise graduate students and live near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Your work in important however challenging. Perhaps one day we will collaborate with the written word. Best Regards James Doherty, Psy.D.

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