Fictional Memoir – Ron Leifer

Fictional Memoir – Ron Leifer


ISEPP's Ron Leifer, M.D., is announcing the publication of his new book, The Search for Sin Semilla: A Fictional Memoir. His book is about a psychiatrist who helps an involuntary patient escape from a mental hospital from whom he learns the true meaning of his profession.
Anyone interested can obtain a copy by writing to Ron at: Ron Leifer, 92 West Hill School Rd., Richard, NY 13835. Include a check for $20 and your return address.


  • Hi, I would like to get The Search for Sin Semilla: A Fictional Memoir.

  • Ron Leifer may be the most important psychological/psychiatric theoretician of the last 100 years. Like many so far ahead of their time, it is highly unlikely that he will garner appropriate appreciation. I would encourage all to spend time with his writings. I say this from the perspective of someone who practiced psychology for over 30 years.

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