Bruce Levine Points Out Psychiatry’s Failure

Bruce Levine Points Out Psychiatry’s Failure

Our ISEPP colleague Bruce Levine, Ph.D., gives an interview on the Corbett Report podcast, Finding Mental Health. It summarizes Bruce's ideas in his book A Profession Without Reason in particular, and in general his ideas about how psychiatry and the medicalization of human life has been a failure. At around the 29:10 time mark, he mentions ISEPP as one of the many organizations dedicated to exposing this failure. Keep up the great work Bruce!

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  • Please refer me to a psych rights lawyer to work with a retired lawyer in my state to save my traumatic brain injured son, where the governor wants to dissolve the consent decree rights won in Bates V DHHS, after 11,647 deaths in DHHS 'care', and continue forced psychotropic drugging and euthanize more in her DHHS Medicare FRAUD scheme. Thank you.

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