Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions



Joanne Cacciatore Ph.D.

Selah Carefarm for Trauma and Grief: A human-animal-earth approach for suffering

Earl Miller M.A., Certified Peer Specialist

Finding Shelter through Peer Support

Bertram Karon Ph.D, Lloyd Ross Ph.D., and Peter Solon Ph.D.

Significant Emotional Conflict: Psychotherapy; The Treatment of Choice

Sooin Lee Psy.D.

Your hurt matters: Existential approach to psychological symptoms for acute inpatient clients

Tabita Green B.A.

Canaries in the Coal Mine: Childhood Emotional Distress as a Social Justice Issue

Rachel Kling M.A, M.F.A.

Borderline Personality and Stigmatizing Language

Sarah Edmonds Ph.D.

Change: The Vital Connection between Context and Transformation of Symptoms

Al Galves Ph.D.

Hypothesis: All “Symptoms” are Meaningful, Somehow Functional and Potentially Useful

Robert Sliclen Ph.D.

Exploring One’s Life Story through Expressive Writing

Bertram P Karon Ph.D. ABPP

Who Am I to Treat this Seriously Disturbed Person?

Phillip Sinaikin M.D.

Why did Allen Frances MD, chief architect of DSM IV, write a book titled "saving normal"?

Kelli Foulkrod M.S., LPA, RYT

Return to wholeness: insights from a mental health professional and psychiatric survivor

Julie Greene

My personal experience with eating disorder

Karin Tochkov Ph.D., LP

Life-long implications for mentally ill patients who have been treated against their will

Burton N. Seitler Ph.D.

What Do You Say to a Silenced Child? When More than the Talking Cure is Needed