Advocating For Those Incarcerated in Mental Hospitals

Advocating For Those Incarcerated in Mental Hospitals


ISEPP's Roland Angle delivered a series of talks on the abuses of people subjected to the mental hospital system. See all five here:

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  • Psychiatry is used as a tool of oppression more than most people think, and it is more likely to collude with other systems and forms of oppression than it is to stop them. It likely colluded with the eugenics movements in both Europe and North America, bringing about Nazism in Germany. Even after the Allies won World War II, the U.S. government abetted the absconding of the Nazis and hid Nazi fugitives under Operation Paperclip. I read that some of these Nazis were psychiatrists, and they worked on the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind control experiments. Many of the American and Canadian psychiatrists involved in this former "research" likely copied off what Nazi psychiatrists did in concentration camps.

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