2018 Conference Speakers

2018 Conference Speakers




Irving Kirsch, Ph.D

- The Emperor’s New Drugs: Antidepressants and the Placebo Effect

Jacob Blum, Fellow & Lecturer: School of Public Policy & Administration, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University

- Speaking Truth to Power

Lisa Nagy, M.D.

- The Very Effective Environmental Medicine Approach to Mental Illness


Christopher Achkar, Attorney - A Legal Overview of Inclusivity and Mental Health in the Workplace

Richard E Wagner, M.A. - The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous – Asset or Liability – Yes!

Noelene Weatherby-Fell, Ph.D. - Building Resilience and Bouncing Forward

Robert T. Groome, Lacanian Analyst - Mental Healthfare = Healthcare + Warfare

Harper West, M.A. - Self-Acceptance Psychology: A New Paradigm for Understanding Emotional Health

Carol Frost Wagner, M.A. - Shadow Spouse: Recognizing and Supporting the Primary Caretaker in a Client/Patient’s Illness or Recovery Seeking the Silence: A Path to recovery and successfully handling Life for both the patient and the practitioner

Jeanne M. Stolzer Ph.D. -  Psychiatric Drugs and Unprovoked Mass Murder: Exposing the Irrefutable Linkages

Andrew Thibault, Director & Litigant - An Inconvenient Parent: How a Father Fought the FDA and Won

Bruce Pardy - Head Starts and Extra Time: Academic Accommodation on Post-secondary Exams and Assignments for Students with Cognitive and Mental Disabilities

Karin Tochkov, Ph.D. & Nichole Williams, B.S. - Exercising Restraint Instead of Restraining: Alternatives To the Use of Seclusion and Restraint

Joe Tarantolo, M.D. & Al Galves, Ph.D. -  Psychology/Psychiatry Dialogue

Norbert A. Wetzel, Th.D. - Toward Relationship-Oriented and Context-Sensitive Therapy – A Radical Critique of Current Dominant Thinking about "Mental Health" and "Mental Illness"

Lisa Nagy M. D. - The Very Effective Environmental Medicine Approach to Mental Illness

Ann Green, PMHNP - Therapeutics in Everyday Life: Performing Our Way to Emotional Growth

Burton Seitler, Ph.D. - Seeing Beneath Diagnostic Labels, Uncovering Long-Held, Guarded Secrets, and Being of Help

Bert Karon Ph.D.