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Search for a Helping Professional

8/19/2015        0 Comments

Click the link below to search for an "ISEPP friendly" helping professional near you. It is sorted by country, state/province, and city.

If you are a helping professional and adhere to ISEPP's principles/mission, please contact if you wish to be added to the list.

DISCLAIMER - ISEPP is providing this information to assist you in finding a helping professional who has stated a willingness to adhere to ISEPP's basic principles and mission.  Not all of those listed are licensed professionals and ISEPP provides no warranty whatsover, and makes no assurance about quality. Just as for any other product or service, ISEPP urges you to inform yourself about the product or service beforehand. ISEPP, along with its board, officers, members, and all contributors to this directory, cannot endorse any particular professional and will not be held accountable for any outcomes resulting from contact with those listed in this directory.

ISEPP Friendly Helping Professionals