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mercerChuck Ruby, Ph.D.
In these early hours after Chris Mercer’s mass shooting at the Oregon community college, it would be easy to blame the rampage on “mental illness”. As has happened all too often in the past, news reports zero in on whether the shooter suffered from this fictitious disease (for example, see Such unjustified analyses and reactions to these terrible events serves as nothing more than a distraction from the actual factors...

ISEPP In Action

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abughraibOver the past decade, there have been numerous allegations of inappropriate collusion between the American Psychological Association (APA), CIA, and the Department of Defense (DoD) with the intent of molding APA ethics guidelines to allow psychologists’ continued involvement in enhanced interrogations, considered torture under international law. Still, APA leadership stood firm in the face of the mounting evidence against them. The ISEPP Board of Directors has followed this issue, releasing two public statements (here...

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