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Assorted collection of tablets and pills, some still in blister packaging, spread out on a white surface in an oblique angle viewby Frederick Ernst, Ph.D.
In a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Peter Kramer writes a defense of antidepressants and does a really nice job of convincing himself that what he is doing, prescribing drugs for people who are not ill, has merit. Unfortunately, he shared his thoughts with the Journal and, even more unfortunately, they published it. The conclusions he has drawn are simply without merit. A science-informed reader would not have wasted time drifting past the first paragraph of this nonsense unless that reader was curious about the latest marketing-informed propaganda. So first, Dr. Kramer invents a new biochemical imbalance theory, one that not only has no support in science (like the one he’s trying to replace) but also has hardly even been mentioned in the literature of science. Brain resilience? This is a concept you can only find infrequently mentioned in connection with concussion or immune reaction. But according to Dr. Kramer, the “chemical properties of these drugs” (the SSRI’s) are inherently restoring resilience in the brain? (Please ignore here the evidence that these drugs are toxic and actually kill brain cells.)...

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  ISEPP's past Executive Director, Al Galves, explains why attempts to reduce stigma is a failed attempt. [embedyt][/embedyt]


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