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Spooky Language!
Chuck Ruby, Ph.D.
In 2001 the late irreverent comedian George Carlin used the phrase "spooky language" to describe the wording of the 10 commandments. I do not cite Carlin in order to debase religious beliefs as he did. I think spirituality and religion can be of immense comfort and contribute to a sense of meaningful well-being for some people. I mention Carlin's comedic use of the phrase only in order to apply it to a recent study by Schmitz and colleagues...

"Saving Psychiatry" - Dr. Joe's Blog

Who are you and what are you doing here? So, you want to do the humanitarian thing, to treat people with respect, care, tenderness, empathy, understanding ? Good for you. Good for us. Good for ISEPP. Somehow, though, I think there is more to it than that. I am an existential psychiatrist; we are a crusty lot. Our favorite subjects are:
  You wonder why we need a drink at the end of the day? “Yes, Mrs. Smith, you have a disease, an illness, a syndrome. We call  this condition  `being human`.” Some would say just “being,” but believe me (take care when someone starts his spiel with “believe me”) being human is special. I love dogs, cats, elephants, and Orca whales, but my best bet is they don’t think about the same things as I think about. OK, there is some overlap. They think about sex (at the appropriate time) and I think about sex any time. I think I am the center of the universe, all revolves around me and those creatures seem to share my self-centeredness. They do what they do to survive. So do I. Still, truly we humans are different. Why do I care about the Rohingya genocide in Burma or anti-women culture in Saudi Arabia? Why do I espouse such liberal taunts as “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere?” Why do I care what is Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Why do I ask “why” so often? To be an existentialist is to take responsibility for my actions and my being even though I had nothing to say about “joining up” to life. Why do I seek meaning when clearly it is out of reach? Why am I capable of loneliness in a crowd? Why do I fear death in the midst of so much life?...

ISEPP In Action

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Watch ISEPP's David Walker speak about how the mental health industry has privileged "white" America and disenfranchised the native people who preceded the European invasion. [embedyt][/embedyt]

21st Annual Conference of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry

Toronto, Ontario

Early October 2018 - Details Coming Soon!

Select Videos of Past Conferences

Phil Sinaikin, M.D. (Denver, Colorado 2017)

Sera Davidow (Denver, Colorado  2017)

Julie Greene (Denver, Colorado 2017)

Bert Karon, M.D. (Portland, Oregon 2016)

Dina Tyler (Portland, Oregon 2016)

Burton Seitler, Ph.D. (Portland, Oregon 2016)